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Anja Terlouw

I have been working as a psychologist since 2003. Since then I have taken a lot of additional courses, because you never stop learning. There is so much to discover at the professional level and about the multifaceted nature, the motivations and the uniqueness of each person. That fascinates and impassions me.

I have gained a lot of  experience as a generalist in dealing with a wide variety of problems, and working in a short and solution-oriented way. This has often involved symptoms such as depression, anxiety or stress. I see therapy as a moment in which we spend some time together. This can be a search to confront the pain, to handle complicated feelings better and to find courage and space to take steps or tackle problems.

The lives of people from different backgrounds and cultures intrigue and enrich me. I have seen the resilience of people to recover and find the courage to reconnect. I lived and worked in Africa for over 7 years.  There I gained a lot of experience with trauma, problems encountered by expats and migrants, intercultural relationships and re-entry issues.

In the therapy I help people look for connections with a partner, children, family members and resources such as: talents, dreams, experience, passion or faith. Then it can be about how you do justice to yourself and the other person, and how you find the balance in giving and receiving.

Anja Terlouw

GZ-Psycholoog (registered health care psychologist)

Contextual therapist (family and relation therapist)

Registered EuroPsy Psychologist (EFPA)

Member of: NIP, P3NL, Eliagg